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We provide immediate water extraction, as a response to disasters resulting with flooding and water damage.
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Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services is considered an authority in mold remediation and removal in the Boulder Colorado area.
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We are a top priority when it comes to Fire Restoration and Smoke Damage in the Boulder, CO area.
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Sewage water can contain deadly pathogens that pose serious health risks. Don't wait, call us immediately.
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Fort Collins Disaster Cleanup Services & Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services is a leader in the Fort Collins area in both Asbestos exposure reduction and removal. Reducing exposure to asbestos by repairing damaged material will involve covering the material or sealing it. Sealing is commonly used for pipe, furnace, and boiler insulation. The sealing process either coats the material, reducing fiber release, or binds the fibers together. A covering can be used instead of sealant, also preventing the release of fibers. Both these methods are relatively cheap when compared with removal, but future removal may still be necessary. Another technology used in reducing exposure to asbestos is personal protective equipment. Respirators with HEPA filters should be worn when working with asbestos, in addition to other controls.

Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services has amazing expertise in asbestos removal and is currently licensed with the State of Colorado as an asbestos inspector and contractor. We use top of the line equipment to remove all types of Asbestos from your home, business, or place of business. Do not live with deadly material, call Colorado Disaster Cleanup today at 970-370-9282 in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, or fill our online contact form and we will contact you within a timely manner.

Physical Removal is the most efficient method of dealing with asbestos, and it also has the greatest risk involved, due to the large number of fibers that may possibly be released in removing it. The most common way to reduce asbestos emissions during renovation, demolition, cutting or stripping of asbestos material is to use a wetting agent throughout to keep asbestos from becoming airborne. It is important that the material is adequately wet to prevent release. There are different wetting techniques for different types of material. After removal all debris should be sealed in containers properly labeled and identified as asbestos materials. A HEPA filter vacuum is essential for cleaning after the initial demolition. Asbestos fibers are microscopic and therefore all ceilings, floors and walls must be carefully vacuumed after the demolition work has been completed. It is important to never use a vacuum without HEPA filter; it will just spread the asbestos. Portable air ventilation systems must be used to protect workers from asbestos. Proper temporary containment is always when working with asbestos, to separate the worker and homeowner from dangerous asbestos fibers.

Today’s technology makes it possible to monitor for asbestos, keep asbestos exposure below permissible limits, and remove the hazard. It protects the health of many people who would otherwise be exposed.

Call Colorado Disaster Cleanup for all of your Disaster Cleanup needs! Call us in Fort Collins at 970-370-9282 or fill out our online contact form.


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